Tips for Building a House in Narrow Land

Who doesn’t want to have a spacious and luxurious house? Unfortunately, this desire is still often identified with a large area of ​​land with a relatively expensive price. Then, can the dream of owning the house we desire come true with minimal land and budget? Don’t worry, through these 5 tips you can still build your home that looks spacious and luxurious, even though the land and budget you have are practically limited. Curious?

Build a House with a Slow Concept

Splow House is a house designed by several young architects from Indonesia, including Muhammad Egha, Hezby Ryandi, Sunjaya Askaria, and Fahmy Desrizal. This house design has also received an award from the Architizer A+ Awards 2017, you know! The word splow itself is an abbreviation of Split Grow House which they designed in 2015 for a residence with an area of ​​6 m x 15 m located in Tebet, South Jakarta. This house with the concept of separating and dividing (split) floors, is suitable for those of you who want a house with lots of space and looks spacious, with limited land.

House Floor Manipulation

From the outside, the Splow House looks like a house that only has 2 floors. In fact, this house consists of 3 floors, you know. This impression is caused by the concept of dividing the floor of the house, by making a low roof (like a mezzanine) on each floor of the dwelling. So each floor of the house with the concept of splow, is counted as half a floor in order to manipulate the floor levels in the house. So, even though you only have a land that is not too wide, you can still have a lot of space such as the main room, bedroom, kitchen, dining room, living room, bathroom, to the laundry room.

Maximize Space Lighting

Every empty area in this house is used as a natural source of air flow and light. That way, the house will look wider and have natural lighting. You can also maximize the lighting in the room, by choosing light, or white paint on the walls of the house, choosing furniture with a lightwood design and using ceramic floors with colors that match the furniture. Your home will also feel spacious.

Minimize the Use of Furniture

Not only color selection, furniture is also important, you know, to give a spacious and luxurious impression to the house. Avoid choosing large furniture that will actually make the house look cramped and cramped. Choose furniture that has a functional design, such as a folding dining table, a ladder that can be pulled out, or a storage shelf that can be installed using the empty space under the stairs. That way, the house will not look cramped because of too much furniture.

Take advantage of the Open Space

Even though the land is not large, you can still have open land that can be used as a carport or garden, you know. With this open space, your residential home will have cool air that will make your mind fresh again from the tiredness of your daily routine.

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