Reveal: The Long-Awaited Modern Colonial Laundry Room

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Sigh (of joy and relief). The LAUNDRY ROOM IS FINISHED!! And we’re excited to share our very last reveal of 2022.

The laundry room was the only thing that made us second-guess this house during our house hunting last year. We were so spoiled with an upstairs laundry room in our last house, equipped with double washers and dryers and plenty of cupboard space. We did a simple paint makeover before we moved, but it was already like that when we moved in! So moving into a house with a tiny downstairs laundry room (pictured below) with almost zero counter space was an adjustment.

We lived with it and made it work for a few months, but ever since we moved in, we’ve been searching for a solution! It finally came to us when we started rethinking the layout of the upstairs bathroom and “playroom” area, and we had the idea to make half of the playroom a laundry room! Six months later and this is where we’re at today!



Chris and I dreamed up the vision, drew up the design plans and then made it happen! “Creating” a utility room like this out of nothing can be a possible DIY, with the help of some sub-contractors like plumbers and electricians. Not to mention pulling permits and getting everything inspected and approved. The pros took care of things like running dryer venting to the exterior of the house, setting up waterlines, and making sure that structurally the floor could handle the weight of the appliances are best to involve a contractor.

As for everything you see in here, we relied on Lowe’s to make all of this possible. Lowe’s is a one-stop shop, especially when you’re renovating a utilitarian space like a laundry room! Everything from drywall and plumbing, to wallpaper and cabinetry – they’ve got it all.

Let’s take a step back and talk about the checkerboard finish in here that I’ll never tire of. The flooring!

Checkerboard Tile

I thought for sure I would lay the creamy ivory and slate gray tile diagonally, making a callback to the home gym and the outside pavers. I did not expect to love them laid straight as much as I did, and I still love how perfectly pretty this alignment is. It’s also the perfect contrast to the curvy, organic pattern of the wallpaper.

The Wallpaper

Calacatta Gem Tile | Harbor Gray Tile | Wallpaper | Washer & Dryer | Cabinet Pulls | Cabinet Knobs | Gold Light Fixture | Sconces

Choosing this wallpaper was such an easy decision. I knew it was meant to be the moment I saw it. This utilitarian space is really benefiting from the organic, traditional shape of the wallpaper, yet it all still feels really modern and crisp (which is exactly how you want a laundry room to feel).


It was important to me to have a lot of storage in this laundry room, and we worked really closely with our cabinet design consultant at Lowe’s to optimize every square inch we possibly could. Lowe’s has custom and semi-custom cabinetry in a variety of colors and finishes! There are multiple tiers (based on materials and premium upgrades), and we actually went with the most affordable tier for our cabinets. Best of all: the cost of the cabinets includes the installation.

We wanted to tie in the vibe of our kitchen cabinet color with these cabinets, and we went to Lowe’s to physically look through lots and lots of samples. In the end, we found the prettiest cabinets in this warm beige color. They remind me of a really clean linen really lightens up the room. These cabinets are Kraftmade in the “Bagley” profile in maple wood. The color is “Cottage!”

The cabinets above the hanging rod, we had the center of the cabinets remain open so we could add some decorative inset. We went with this inexpensive, but BEAUTIFUL, decorative sheeting and I think it is such a beautiful detail. We just cut it to size and glued it in place.

Lantern Sconce | Sink | Faucet | Laundry Baskets | Cabinet Pulls | Cabinet Knobs

We have so much space to store towels, linens, cleaning supplies for the upstairs, wrapping paper, and more! It’s a dream come true.

Speaking of dreams coming true, isn’t it everyone’s dream to have a sink in their laundry room?

Sink Nook

This little nook used to be a closet where we stored all our board games! Having a space to spot-treat clothes and more is a dream, and I’m obsessed with the profile of this sink and faucet. The rolling laundry bushels are not only freaking cute, but they’re functional and practical, and I already can’t wait to take them for a “spin.”


I love a statement light fixture. Lighting can add so much personality to a room, and I think it’s fun to choose something unexpected. The “petaled” chandelier has multiple bulbs, so it’s nice and bright in here. My rule of thumb for lighting is to have at least three sources of light. In here we have the central light, recessed lighting, the sconces, and the little lantern above the sink. (I think we’re good!)

I’m a special fan of the little black shades on the sconces – just a wink of drama.


We bought a washer and dryer set when we moved in last year. The appliances that were downstairs weren’t energy efficient and a load was taking almost 4 hours to wash and dry (not good!), so we went with the GE Smart UltraFresh Front Load Steam Washer & Electric Dryer Set. They’re energy-efficient front-loaders, and I’m a special fan of the washer vents because you never get that damp smell! Also, the doors on this set are reversible. We chose to have the washers in the center, and the dryers on the ends, so the doors open toward each other!

To us, our dream laundry room would be fully equipped with double the machines, so why not make it happen? The girls’ rooms are all upstairs on the same level as the laundry room, and right now Chris and I are carrying our laundry upstairs. It’s not a big deal, because it’s a lot better than what we were doing (carrying all three girls laundry downstairs) but who knows what will happen in future renovations downstairs.


Just like the cabinets, Lowe’s has a variety of options when it comes to countertops, and they’ll send installers too! We were originally going to go with a Dekton countertop that we fell in love with at Lowe’s. It’s an extremely durable material with the most gorgeous veigning, but Lowe’s also has real stone options. Many stores are even partnered with local stone yards as well! We went with the local route with a stone yard for a beautiful slab of soapstone. It’s dark, it’s dramatic, and I love that it extends all the way up the backsplash. The countertop height is also perfect for folding!

The only piece in this laundry room that’s NOT from Lowe’s is this vintage armoire that we sourced from Chairish. I really wanted to have a vintage piece to warm this utilitarian space and give it some character and charm. I think it’s doing the job incredibly well.

And of course, everything in this laundry room ties in beautifully with the bathroom across the hall!

It’s safe to say this is my ideal laundry room. This is my DREAM laundry room. Chris can have all the dream kitchens–this is my happy place. 🙂

Laundry Room Sources

Cabinets (Bagley Maple Cottage)
Cabinet Pulls
Cabinet Knobs
Decorative Brass sheeting for upper cabinets
Washer & Dryer
Brass Rod
Calacatta Gem Porcelain Tile
Harbor Gray Porcelain Tile
Gold Light Fixture
Lantern Sconce
Laundry Baskets

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