Meet Cricket! – Chris Loves Julia

Last week, it’s safe to say our lives and home improved 100-fold when we brought a puppy into our home. Meet Cricket.

Isn’t she the cutest?? She reminds us so much of Willow but definitely has her own look and personality. She’s a multi-generational “mini-Bernese,” which is to say, both of her parents are also mini Bernese mountain dogs but were bread from Bernese Mountain Dogs and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. A “Mini” Bernese Mountain Dog stands fully grown between 16 to 19 inches tall at the shoulder and weighs between 35 and 55 pounds (both of her parents were under 30 lbs, so we’re expecting around there).

But more than all that, she is the sweetest thing. So lovable and kind and smart. She is so social (like the rest of our girls) but also so incredibly mellow. We are completely smitten with her.

We found her with a lovely breeder in Oregon (Lk Mini Bernese) in September, shortly after she was born, and watched her grow these last 13 weeks. At eight weeks, she went to puppy kindergarten (an add-on training that the breeder offered) for four weeks, and it was excruciating to keep the surprise from the girls, but already so worth it! By the time she came home to us, she could sleep through the night, is kennel trained, knows basic commands, is about 80% potty trained, and knows her name.

Speaking of her name–Why Cricket? Little Women has always been a big part of my life–from growing up with all sisters to falling in love with the movie and interiors growing up to having all daughters of my own. It resonates with me. And when we were trying to decide on a name for this sweet little puppy, we couldn’t help but feel like she completed our family of little women. So we called her Cricket, after the nickname that Marmee gives Beth.

While we have rescued both of our previous dogs and have had AMAZING experiences with them and truly feel like they found us. We feel the exact same way about Cricket already. This is our first time having a puppy, and I was so nervous going into it. But it’s been absolutely what I feel like we needed in our home to feel like home, and I needed it personally. Someone to take care of and to snuggle. A little baby that gives unconditional love all hours of the day. She’s so fun and sweet and cuuuttteeeee.

The girls were out. of. their. minds. surprised when they opened a box to see a little puppy inside, and they haven’t stopped being little mamas to Cricket. Walking her. Feeding her. Training her. Taking her out back to play. We’re so excited to watch her grow and can’t wait to share more of her with all of you, too.

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