Tips for Building a House in Narrow Land

Who doesn’t want to have a spacious and luxurious house? Unfortunately, this desire is still often identified with a large area of ​​land with a relatively expensive price. Then, can the dream of owning the house we desire come true with minimal land and budget? Don’t worry, through these 5 tips you can still build your home that looks spacious and luxurious, even though the land and budget you have are practically limited. Curious?

Build a House with a Slow Concept

Splow House is a house designed by several young architects from Indonesia, including Muhammad Egha, Hezby Ryandi, Sunjaya Askaria, and Fahmy Desrizal. This house design has also received an award from the Architizer A+ Awards 2017, you know! The word splow itself is an abbreviation of Split Grow House which they designed in 2015 for a residence with an area of ​​6 m x 15 m located …

Principles of Building an Earthquake Resistant House

Meanwhile, in many cases of large earthquakes, several houses and buildings suffered damage ranging from cracks to collapse. Citing the Sunrise Steel website, Friday (14/1/2022), usually, structural damage to buildings occurs if the magnitude of the earthquake is 5.0.
Meanwhile, the house collapsed due to the building parts not being able to work as a system to withstand lateral forces.
Damage to buildings due to earthquakes is related to design errors that affect the work of structural systems, including strength, stiffness, and flexibility.

Improper connection of building elements also increases the risk of building damage. Likewise with the quality of workmanship and materials that affect the strength of the house.

During an earthquake, the foundation is also a major problem. Moreover, when the ground supporting the foundation is eroded by the earthquake, the risk of the building above being destroyed will increase. That is why, the type of foundation, depth, …