Best in Show: Our Top 5 Home Makeovers of 2022

2022 has been a year of incredible makeovers here at Today’s Homeowner. Here are our favorite before-and-after transformations from the past year.

This front porch now invites you to pull up a chair and enjoy the view. (3 Echoes Content Studio)

5. Front Porch Makeover

Mike and Leigh Ann have a beautiful piece of property that they share with their horses. But they felt like the front of their house lacked the visual appeal that the land it sits on deserved.

The walkway to it was incomplete and unattractive, while the front porch was a sea of dingy paint, stuck on the front of a white house. There was nothing to draw you in or make you feel welcome.

But now, the front porch is freshly painted, and even though we only added a little gray to the mix, there’s enough contrast to give the space some personality.

The rotten wood and peeling paint are gone, and so is the poorly poured sidewalk. In its place is a symmetrically arranged walkway of 12 stepping stones — made from Quikrete’s Walkmaker molds — that create a graceful transition to the porch steps.

The porch now invites you to pull up a chair and enjoy the view.

Large-format pavers make the patio seem larger than it actually is and the new fire pit is the ideal spot for entertaining. (3 Echoes Content Studio)

4. Two Patios are Better Than One

Jerry and Shay have a beautiful backyard with great shade trees and a lush lawn. But their old fire pit had seen better days and the existing patio offered few opportunities to enjoy the outdoor space. It was too small for entertaining and the monotone color palette lacked any real interest.

Now, the whole backyard has come alive with the addition of a big new patio that complements the shape of the trees while it enjoys its shade.

Large-format Pavestone pavers make the patio seem larger than it actually is and the new fire pit is the ideal spot for entertaining.

There are two large steps that create a graceful transition to the old patio, which has been revived with a new shade of stain and a bold color on the doors.

That same color on the storage shed plus some simple landscaping has transformed this yard into a spot you just can’t wait to enjoy.

Chelsea’s master bathroom is overflowing with character and grandmillennial style. (3 Echoes Content Studio)

3. Masterful Retreat

Chelsea and Brandon’s bathroom is 65 years old. At that age, there’s some baggage — like the pink tub and the lack of ventilation.

The vanity was newer than that, but it really didn’t fit the style of the room and it lacked character.

But now, the bathroom is overflowing with character and grandmillennial style. The wraparound wallpaper not only creates the jewelry box feel that Chelsea was after; it also makes the pink tub look intentional.

The vent fan makes the space more functional, and the larger vanity makes it easier to use. Plus, its black finish complements the room style, and the new Fluidmaster bidet toilet seat elevates the whole room to a spa-like experience.

This bedroom has a clear purpose, which is to make guests feel right at home. (3 Echoes Content Studio)

2. Guest Bedroom Update

Corey and Grace’s extra bedroom was just that — it lacked any real identity. The hardware and paint color lifted by the previous homeowners didn’t make the welcoming statement they wanted for their guests.

But now, the guest bedroom has a clear purpose and that’s to make visitors feel right at home. The board and batten accent wall draws you into the space and the custom trim around the windows tells you they were intentional about making this room nice for you.

The floating shelves and nightstand are functional for short-term guests without taking up as much space as larger pieces of furniture. And the warm wood tones complement the cool green accent wall, just as the gold wall sconces do.

This breezeway has taken on the feel of a courtyard in a fancy hotel. (3 Echoes Content Studio)

1. A More Inviting Entrance

Delane’s breezeway is the main entrance to her home, but before, it had a very tired and haphazard feel to it. The random collection of different slabs on the floor left visitors with questions about what the space was supposed to be.

The sad empty planting bed made the house feel a lot older than it actually was. And the chain link fence made it feel more like a cage than a relaxing space.

But now, the whole space has taken on the feel of a courtyard in a fancy hotel. The consistency of the stencil floor ties everything together from the wrought iron gates to the lush green planting beds.

The door adds a pop of color while the fountain adds a cool visual element and a peaceful soundtrack for the space.

The simple curtain rod and the curtains frame the backyard and somehow make it all feel like a resort.

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